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Pink Floyd! What it does to one's soul- A journey, An exploration



                            Pink Floyd!

What a weird name!? That's the first thought which came to my mind when i heard about them. As a guy who was more of an admirer of the older era like The Beatles, Eagles and someone who really wasnt into metal (Like my peers... some years back) , getting introduced to rock and its various genres was a a big step for me.

As a person I have been bloody choosy about everything and the same logic applied to my music as well for the simple fact of the fear of being disappointed.

But with Floyd, it was something completely different. It was a sort of a journey. An exploration , with each find being more closer to the soul than the former.

Their music sort of talks with you, about what you feel and ,what one needs to do and how things need to happen.

And hey... even though this belongs to the psychedelic genre , u needn be on d very same to enjoy this. Plain tranquility and i have felt that the music works wonders.

I feel like talking about their songs but i really dont know where to start. Should i go in a chronological order!? Should I go in an alphabetical order!? Should I go in a popular songs order!?

I am just going to talk about which ever song that come to my mind.


What a brilliant song this is. The genius of the band comes to the fore. Gilmour and primarily Waters have done a phenomenal job with respect to this song. Trivia has it , that Syd Barrent who had quit the band earlier and gone AWOL (pun intended) suddenly turned up in the studio while this song was being recorded. And termed the song as 'somewhat ok and nothing new'. What Syd had in  his mind was something only he would know. But it was quite an emotional reunion for the band , though for a limited time as Syd left again the very same day.

 ' We are just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.. Running over the same old ground,How we found'

These lines just epitomizes the pain one feels at losing someone, and more importantly when missing the same person.

"And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?"

It is one of the lesser known songs of Floyd. Gilmour and Waters hated this song and wanted to trash it, and were relatively surprised at its success.
The first thing i felt about this song was, the incredible length of the song. At about 24 minutes , it happens to be the longest song I happen to have ever heard. The sheer continuity is what stuck me the most. Sheer Brilliance according to me, and i dont profess to be a master when it comes to music.


Most people are not aware of the fact that there are two parts to this song. Both about 13-14 minutes long. And each part happens to be further divided into 4 or 5 parts each. So its  basically a sequence of songs strung together which combine to form a beautiful melody. This song was a tribute to Syd Barret.

 "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun"
This song just makes you feel that you may have ups and downs in one's life, but it is important to remind yourself that you can be good, since you were good once and if you are a misfit, then there is nothing wrong coz you are the one who would go on to change the world.

This song also tells me how things can go wrong!? How one's inexperience, our immaturity , our impatience and our unjustified sense can ruin what the gloried future might have held!

"You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon."
And if one doesnt realize his imeptness, arrogance and mistakes soon , then there is a high chance no one would ever listen to you ever again, including you yourself!
Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far.
 And all you would have with you are yesterday's wins but not the present and the future.

And we'll bask in the shadow of yesterday's triumph,
And sail on the steel breeze.
Come on you boy child, you winner and loser
The instrumental parts... close to Cosmic... Close to the stars... Trust Me!


One of their earliest songs when if i am right SYD was still a part of the band. Reminds me more of the Beatles era. Not surprising giving the fact this song came way back in 1967. Its contemporaries would include 'Lucy in the SkY with the Diamonds' and other similarly quirky and great songs. Oh! These songs just have a feel to them which is unparalleled. Some friends of mine express their shock and at times disgust as to how i can like such old songs which are completely in a different tune compared to the songs of the current era. But they ! That's where the beauty lies. It gives you simple happy go lucky feeling. These songs arent complex, i assume there are not many chords and stuff involved... In short they are just plain simple!

Another Great song from this era out of the Floyd Stable was ASTRONOMY DIVINE. Oh yea it was Divine! With its psychedelic delay effects and echo sounds it clearly is an experience on its own.Space Rock as they would call it.


Us and Them happens to be song from the album ' The Dark side of the Moon'. This album was one of the last albums Roger happened to work on before he left the band.

Impeccable lyrics, meaningful ones. Music that talks to you and an experience which makes you feel out of this world.
The one of the only Floyd songs I know to have a spoken part in it
Well I mean, they're gonna kill ya, so like, if you give 'em a quick sh...short, sharp shock, they don't do it again. Dig it? I mean he got off light, 'cause I coulda given 'im a thrashin' but I only hit him once. It's only the difference between right and wrong innit? I mean good manners don't cost nothing do they, eh?
The opening lines of the track

Us and Them
And after all we're only ordinary men
Me, and you
God only knows it's not what we would choose to do
Need I say anything else!?

Other great songs from this album include 'Money', 'Brain Damage' 'Eclipse'

THE WALL ALBUM: (Another Brick in the Wall-Parts-1 &2  , Comfortably Numb):

Now what do i say about this album and these songs in particular!?

Another brick in the wall was wrongly misconstrued as an anti establishment anthem. It actually means a lot more. It means please do not do what the society feels is right! Please do what you feel is right! The society is a bunch of Hyprocrite NynCompoops who just know to pass comments and judgements and expect you to follow a specific set of rules laid down for their own convenience!
It talks about individuality, It refers to one's uniqueness and how we need to understand this very aspect.

Comfortably Numb happens to be one of the best guitar solos of all time. This song tells me the importance of how I would feel if I did what makes me happy. How numb and comfortable I would feel. It bothers on the concept of doing what you feel like and what is right for you

Its basically about your fight to handle your won world! Finding out what is wrong and treating it.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship's smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move
But I can't hear what you're saying

When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like
Two balloons
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain
You would not understand
This is not how I am


Yes, I listen to songs every day , and YES, I listen to this particular Song every day. Yes every other day. My day is incomplete if I dont listen to it.

This song has had a such a huge impact on me.

It talks about the feeling of loneliness , the feelings of memories not to be experienced in real time again. The pain of losing your loved one and the pain and determination of recovering from the same. It means a lot to a person when he going through a tough time on his personal front, and that is when he could relate to it more and feel the song more. But this song is like Single Malt , Scotch.. or Wine... It just gets better with every time I listen to it,so much so that maybe its sort of an addiction.

Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and helpless
Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight..into the shining sun
This came out in the last album , and surely the band did reserve one of its best compositions for the last.

Other great songs from this album were High Hopes... and particularly 'Marooned'.
Marooned happens to be an instrumental, a pure instrumental which if i am right went on to win a Grammy for the 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance' It happens to be serene and just fantabulous!

Well... I could talk of atleast a dozen or more Floyd songs , but i leave it for now. Floyd Surely is an experience.. a journey... and not just music.......


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THE PURPOSE OF LIFE-Being Semi Good to becoming Good ?


We are born into this world. We bring smiles to the ones around and we begin our life. Approximatly 4 humans are born every second. They all live and they all die. That’s the rule of nature. So what is the purpose of the 70 odd heart beats we take every second in this timespan between our birth and death. There has to be a reason right!? We humans have an extra sense and I suppose we are here not just for survival and reproduction. So what would be the reason. What would be that purpose? The main purpose would be to find that purpose itself!!! Its not given to us on a platter is it? It would have been great if it was like… “Kapil : Purpose assigned : Astronaut” But unfortunately that isn’t the case. We just have to go about finding it . And this is an experience in itself. Its been almost 22 years since my inception and I for one still haven’t found my purpose yet. So what has happened till now! It has been the case of being termed as ‘semi-good’. They say its bad to be called ‘the jack of all trades and the master of none’ What’s worse!? ‘when you are neither the jack and neither the master… you are somewhere in between’ Everything you try seems to be the ‘it’ thing for you, but somewhere down the line there are a couple of things that may happen. You either feel like it aint your cup of tea or inspite of you trying your best you don’t get the desired results. I initially felt that I could be good at anything that I set my mind upon. I thought I could be a good orator until I found people who were much much better than me . I thought I could become an astronaut until I realized that engineering didn’t really interest me. I thought I could become an actor until I faced reality. I wanted to be a director until I found out that the time is not right now. I thought I could become a serial competition winner right from my ug days when I realized that always my luck used to get me to the n+1th position when only n position were awarded.( This is true… trust me). I thought…. Until….. yes this has been the case until now. And right now am doing my MBA. Is becoming a global biz whiz my ‘it’ thing!? I don’t know and right now I really don’t care. I have realized the fact that the day I become ‘good’ in something I try from being ‘Semi-Good’; I would have found the purpose of my life. Is being good about getting the desired results!? I guess yes that would be the case. Otherwise why would I feel ‘Semi-Good’. You are better than the rest but not better than the best. Or is it about your passion and happiness!? Passion is defined by what you like. Happiness!? What is that linked to!? Results!? I guess if it is really your passion results will automatically follow. With failures, a person can be bogged down, but then…. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The day I personally feel that I am good at something and I can conquer the world with it… that day I would finished the task assigned to me…. Finding the purpose of my life and going about it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love Breakups Zindagi ...........................

Love Breakups Zindagi (no….its got nothing to do with the movie plus I haven’t seen it either)
Well, this is something most of us would have gone through. Love they say happens once in a lifetime. But then if it is true then why does a break up happen?
Before I start, this post goes on the assumption that the relationships I am talking about are the one involving true love and not the timepass ones.
Love as good as it would have been guess has a direct impact on the breakup if it may occur.
Assuming most have been in a relationship before and that the chosen fortunate ones are quite who haven’t had a break up ever, most of us still would have thoughts related to that part of life which would have impacted us deeply.
Every relationship that we would have been is something unique and none of them would have been same to each other. The very fact that what you felt was needed(or the other person felt) was missing lead to a breakup and there is little reason that you would want to get into a relationship with the same kind of person.
Well there might be some characteristics and traits which would be common( for eg. In my case positive thinking, mature ,independent-thinking, self-dependent) but there would be that something new which will attract you to the next one.
But why do breakups happen? Are they tough to digest? Or are they mutual and there are no hard feelings at end?
I guess that’s a question an individual has to answer taking his feelings into account. I personally feel that no breakup can be a good one where both the parties involved agree to part in good terms. Coz I feel that if there is true love involved you will try your level best in order to save the relationship. If the unfortunate event does happen then the person who truly loves the other is bound to feel aggrieved. If there is no true love involved then that’s a different case altogether. But this is my viewpoint. And I don’t expect you to agree with me in this case.
How do breakups affect life? I can speak for me and the male gender as such, but I guess I wouldn’t be in a good enough position to comment on the female gender. Men may feel aggrieved initially(on the assumption that there was true love involved) and feel for the gem they might have lost. But then, men…being men wont show their emotion’s outside to the world with the fear of being taken as a weakling. Hence they wont even end up discussing it with someone close in order to lighten their image. The uber cool dude image is something they wouldn’t want to mess with. But trust me, for a guy who has been in a relationship for a long time , its not really that easy to get over the girl he truly loved. That’s when some of them take a decision not let another girl enter their life but rather have fun around or be cautious with the way they behave .These two scenarios don’t happen side by side and I guess it would be one of the two. This is when they may meet someone else who would enter their lie.
What about girls!?........................................................
I have never ever understood girls in my life and hence I guess there is no way I am gonna be able to understand what they would do in case of a break up ?
Girls though invest a lot into the relationship than their male counterparts. They work a bit on their emotional side whereas men are more practical. It would be ok for a guy not to hear sweet nothings on the phone but that may not be the case with a girl. She may not show the fact but then a little attention to them by their guys would do a lot for the relationships. Men don’t keep track of small small things and that may not affect them, but for girls it means a lot. They consider it as a way in which a guy would be showing affection and paying attention to them.
This is where the entire issue lies. A girl always needs someone to be with them. In sense a shoulder to lean upon which is a good thing. According to them however intellectually mature or independent the girl may be, their guy is nothing less than a greek god and they expect him to take care of them. But then a guy seldom realizes that and they kind of cannot take this dis-attachment beyond a time by which they would have gone on an emotional roller coaster on their own.
But there are also cases when the girls overdo their part a bit and start getting pissed off at the flimsiest of reasons (*tumne mujhe aaj I love you kyon nahi bola*). Well in such a relationship , love becomes too suffocating for love itself to exist. This is where a guy may lose it and decide to call things off.
Life’s special and I certainly don’t believe in the fact that true love happens once. The intensity does vary over the years .Your first true love will always be your first true love and something else may or may not be able to surpass your feelings about it. You may feel comfortable or uncomfortable in front of your ex depending upon how you take it. That eventually happens to be a personal decision.
We all here may have found our perfect other half or may still be waiting to catch the right bus. But the journey as such is a beautiful one with its ups and downs. Each relationship shows what’s good in you and each break up shows what may have been wrong with you (even though you would be the one who called it off).You learn about people ,their peers and in the process end up learning a lot about yourself.
Each break up which you have ( I hope you don’t have any and not it’s not that I am canvassing for the break up experience here) lets you think what was right and what was wrong and you become a better person as such because you know now how you have to go forward from now on.
Some of you may think that what I have written doesn’t make sense and real life is much simpler. But give my words a though, analyse ad contemplate an you would the entire picture forming in front of you. A picture depicting no else but you .
So my first blog post in two years ends here.
|Hope the gap between posts doesn’t increase but comes down.

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Review By Nara:

Shahrukh khan shines in a dull yet earnest and sincere message movie that tries too hard to be subtle but turns out to be unabashedly emotional at all the wrong moments..

My name is khan is a movie oozing with sincerity and made with a lot of good intention..but good intentions don't always translate into good cinema..

My name is khan, directed by karan johar (known for his larger than life filmmaking k3g and kkhh) is the story of Rizwan Khan an autistic(specifically Aspergers syndrome) who finds it hard to adjust socially..he doesn't like being touched or hugged..he is scared of meeting new people going to crowded places..loud noises and even the colour Yellow..but in no way is he crazy infact he is self confessedly very smart..he is a handy man,salesman and indefatigably chaser after factoids..
The movie begins with the FBI questioning Rizwan at an airport with Rizwan famous replying "My name is khan and i am not a terrorist"..A line is used repeatedly and austistically? with various implications and infact forming the crux of the film..soon Johar shifts to flashback mode and we are taken to riot hit mumbai 1983 where rizwan's mother (played exceptionally by Zarina wahab) explains to khan that the world is filled with just two kinds of ppl good ppl and bad ppl..this forms the simplistic ideology behind Khan's simple thinking..and this constitutes one of the finest moments of the film..we are also introduced to zaqir khan's younger brother who is lucky unlike rizwan because he can express those emotions..Johar is completely at home while dealing with emotions and realtionships..the scene then shifts to San Francisco..where Khan relocates after the death of his mother and this is where the problem with the movie begins..Enter Mandira(kajol in full form) who owns a beauty parlour in downtown sanfrancisco and the romance between Khan and mandira is not the trademark Johar style romance that we have come to associate with Johar .over the years, ala extravagant locales and designer clothes..A lot of it appears forced and fabricated but the leads with their sparkling chemistry more than compensate for it..There are many endearing moments thanks to the inspiring performance by him in the scene where he blushes in response to kajols proposal or the scene where the two decide what they should get down doing post marriage..the duo are in peak form..but they are overshadowed by karan johar's new found love for subtlety..maybe he wants to grow up again(after failing miserably in KANK) we wish he could stay with the kuch kuch hota hai kind of candy floss..sometimes some people shldnt grow up..
The tone shifts from romance to drama post 9/11 attacks and their relationship with the rest of the society becomes strained..i mite add also with the rest of the audience..What could have been a subtle change turns into an over the top at your face moment when Khan visits the funeral of his neighbour sporting a taqiya and reciting the verses from the quran..A scene handled more deftly is one where Khan's brother explains to his wife (when she is not allowed to wear the hijaab)that "allah samajh jaayenge yeh log nahi samjenge"..How i wish the film had more of such fine pieces of writing..The scene showing the death of a young boy is also moving but the impact dosen't last..

And by the time we reach the second half the writing goes into irreparable self destruct mode. Following a personal tragedy we have khan traversing the entire distance of the united states to meet the President and to tell him(what else) that name is khan and he is not a terrorist..Khan then shifts into superman-meets forrest gump mode and goes about shouting down fundamentalist leaders handing them over to the fbi..getting arrested by the fbi himself and (gasp hold your breath!)singing We Shall Over Come at a church..the writing is incredibly contrived; and the screenplay writer
Shibani Bhatija packs in so much that khans belaboured journey becomes an ordeal particularly for the viewers..the puerility climbs a peak where in the pre-climax scene khan single handedly oversees a rescue operation in a flood.. IF you aren't convinced by now or didn't know it already,the scene shows how the good peaople are really good.

In all this mayhem, shah rukh khan holds his own and turns out an extra-ordinary performance..he is sincere ,earnest and so restrained that you see an all new dimension to india's biggest star that I thought couldn't exist..He has paid great attention to detail transforming himself to Rizwan ,to make the character likeable so musch so you end up rooting for him something you usualyy don't do for SRK's acting...Shahrukh is the best thing about my name is him in that scene where he talks about personal loss not getting overtly emotional yet conveying the agony and the pain..But scenes such as these are too few and far between because the makers try so hard to move you that after a point it feels like someone is poking you goading you to get those lacrimal glands loose..Kajol is brilliant in a somewhat limited role..largely because the whole of the second half is about khan..Her portrayal of her character going through the entire spectrum of emotions from being hyper to sensitively portraying a sense of loss to becoming the gently supportive mrs khan..she goes about her work with professional ease and the vibrant energy that we associate with her..A special mention about tanmay chadda who plays the younger khan...Shankar ehsaan loy's score is good with noor-e -khudha standing out.. Ravi.k.chandhran's slick cinematography is something u will take home with you along with S.R.K'S performance ofcourse

The major problem with mnik lies with Johar's handling of the subject..yes it does make a few urgent and relevant points about religious tolerance equality and peace but it goes about doing so in a very simplistic, convenient and loud manner that it makes the whole subject look frivolous..The movie sounds so much like a moral science lesson that the entertainment quotient goes right out of the window..and who says you cant make message films that entertain..ask another star with the same sir name..he'll tell u..Despite the wonderful personal effort by SRK you don't feel Khan's pain along with him because Johar ensures you are not meant to.He has more relevant issues like religious tolerance and world peace that he wants to throw at your face in order to enlighten you..The suffering of rizwan,well that can take a back seat because the film maker wants to show that he has matured and has thought up a process to save the world..Maybe he should just go back to the drawing board and let emotions like pathos,sense of loss and love do the talking,rather than attach them to preachy moral tags and lofty ideologies of communal amity and tolerance.Maybe Karan Johar just KHAN'T

My take on it:

well the review above is apt. The movie is a bold attempt.. The main character being an autist was a masterstroke(well otherwise the movie would have fallen flat). Its a great movie to watch...but then just a one shows those glimpses of brilliance...but also ends up flat at times...a definte theatre one though
my rating :3.5-4/5

p.s.....that rating may look less to some....or high to some...but believe me...srk and kajol's acting alone is enough to justify that

Saturday, November 21, 2009

hello ppl!! I feel...26/11 AND EVERYTHING AROUND

With so many things around, it is quite tough to focus or think on what u want to think in the first place. The semesters have been quite a drain till now. and i still have to more exams to go. Just one thing is coming to my mind now.....26/11...its first anniversary is approaching and are we any better off than what we were a year back The day when 10 bastards trained by 80 bastards made 100's orphan and widowed .The so called spirit of mumbaikars is back as an issue now but let me tell even mumbaikars accept that there is no such spirit anymore.Even they are tired of the nonsense they are having face.Just look at our country. We have an idiot has our NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR. The person is who is solely responsible for the destruction of our premier intelligence agency R.A.W. which about 10 years back was at par with the C.I.A(the process of rot was started by the then prime minister I.K.GUJRAL). When one reads the bureaucracy involved in the postings, you just get an anger which might even the water cup nearby. And coming to the police modernization, DOES A anyone know why MR.HEMANT KARKARE die?! It was because of those faulty bullet proof jackets(May his soul r.i.p).Come on guys, the rifles which our police has are nothing compared even to what pakistan has. We are fighting with rifles which belong to the WORLD WAR II era. GOD, the amount of corruption and the red tape involved is seriously rotting our society?! Ours arms deals are nowhere near to getting signed, Ours indigenous arms technology is lagging. Everything takes so much time in this "once upon a great country" called INDIA. Why do i cry or my eyes get moists whenevr an attack takes place. Even know when i think about 26/11 tears drop down my eyes..Does my country deserve this!? And what are our politicians upto!? making money and blaming each other.!? Another BASTARD knows as MADHU KODA swindles around rs5000 crores and when the enforcement directorate wants to interrogate him, he feigns some shit and gets admitted to the APOLLO hospital(now APOLLO guys.. i didnt expect this crap from u). and what is he doing a week later!? Campaigning for the jharkhand assembly elections..When mayawati is busy building statues, the goons in U.P. are having fun.Will this country ever move forward!? And now coming back to 29/11, the INDIAN media proved that it still is ints nascent stage. They are as much to bals as kasab or zakhve. It was thier uninterrupted coverage of the commando action which served as a feed to those bastard handlers in terroristan...oops PAKISTAN. The over zealous media establishment...HANG YOUR HEADS down in shame.the way u asked questions to the realtives of people who were trapped inside?!"how are you feeling" WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! WHAT T HE FUCKING HELL WOULD THEY BE FEELING.. DONT U KNOW..BASRTARDS......YA MEDIA..THAT ONE IS FOR YOU.....even my most favorite news channel NDTV fell down from its pedestal. BTW what tjhe hell was the indian government wqas doing then.BLOODY IDIOTS..couldn u have had a blackout of those channels!?if Pakistan can block geo for a month...all u had to do is block all the 100 odd news channels in india till the operation got over...SHAME ON YOU....WHY THE HELL DO U PPL AWLWAYS SAY THE WORD...NEXT TIME?!


Monday, October 12, 2009


i dont know whether this happens in everybody's life....u have those days...where u just go on contemplating...contemplating about this that....and the suddenly u realize that the whole thing would be perfect if just those conditions we put on ourselves are are removed in the first place....the serenity of live...the calmness....the just may make u feel out of this world...if we could just stop believing in the non beliefs we have...if we could just say to ourselves...we know what are faults....we know we have to improve upon...all faults are not our vices....but or vices are certainly our faults...but then it would be better if faults and vices are both removed from our life...the minute...the second you realize that...u feel the calmness around...u feel how better the world...your own world would be....people who start hating u may start liking you...u may start liking u in the first place....its just that we dont have the ability or courage in ourselves to accept that we might be wrong...what we are doing is wrong...even to the point that it may be blatant....we just take the easy way out ..."get lost"...but only if we start working towards removing from ourselves the reasons which cause of our may certainly turn for the good...take my case...i am the laziest being around...a half an hour back i realized that its my laziness and indifferent attitude has turned me to the direction of what many may call self destruction...the paths can always be changed...all you need is the commitment to work away from i said i dont even know why am typing this...that too at 1.10 in the morning...when the world around me is sound ppl in c.h.y.k. always say...ur main aim in life is happines...and we can be happy only if we work towards our goal....or as i may say work away from ur faults....u may nl\ot achieve ur goal in the end...but u shall at least be satisfied that u at least tried...if i...i u....if we...could just take a moment of...think abouth the most beautiful thing in the world....for me its the mountains of ladakh...and if thats perfection...what would we achieve that...that beauty...that divinity...why is that not there is us...that calmness...that peace and that it possible to it possible!!? thi9nk....u may get the snswer...i didnt get the snwer when i tried this...but atleast i felt happy...that i can be THAT ....that which would make a better soul at the end of it all...

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0 comments tussi ki kar diye...maare pyaare se desh ki waat laga di...

i always felt he was the wrong guy to lead india especially diring its"TRYST WITH DESTINY" research always pointed out to this....ala jaswant singh...

infact i agree with jaswant sigh...if not patel...this pandit was certainly had an important role to play in INDIA 's partition...

Gandhiji....i wish u were god...but u were human too...but u made mistakes...and my god...those mistakes..they seriously cost us a lot(should write a post on that)..

if this doesn make sense to you..

please Read the stuff in tHe following link...


i just wish panditjji had courage in him....nt just the want of power...

MY blog is NeTwOrKeD!!!;)




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